Mirabilandia is the biggest Park in Romagna and one of the most important ones all over Italy and Europe. The park is divided in many differst areas, one of the most striking areas is "Bimbopoli" (Kids' Town), which is the biggest town in Italy (8000square meters) with attractions for children aged between 3 and 10. Then there are 40 attractions for everybody, during the day you can watch shows.


Aquafan has always been considered as the most famous water park in Europe, still it owes its success also to the fact that it is not simply a water amusement park. Radio Dee Jay, that the youths listen a lot to, making it the most popular private radio, broardcasts some programmes from here. And then in the evening Walky Cup disco opens up, from years it is a reference point for those who want to spend the night at the disco.


Oltremare is a park thought fro the 600 milion Europeans. It offers a large range of itineraries and opportunities to discover nature; with its 110k square meters surface it is the most exciting tribute paid to Planet Earth and the Sea, where entertainment is also a highly educational experience. Oltremare supports the protection of our environmental heritage with special attention to the Adriatic sea and its coasts.

Italia in Miniatura

The unique experience of exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect in scale reproductions of monumets and architecture masterpieces. The pleasure of discovering and understanding thanks an unusual mix of attractions and games: this is the essence if Italy in Miniature!!


Fiabilandia covers an area of 120,000 square meters on which you can find several attractions. Inside the park there is also a building where every year variuos fairs about different themes are held. They are usually about educational themes: life under water, educational games, the origins and history of scary tales, recycling and many others.

Le Navi

Over 100 display tanks. Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish are just some of the protagonists of this exciting journey. The blue route will show the history of the planet and with it his biological evolution memories through some tanks species still survived after millions of years, such as large sharks today considered living fossils.